Swaggy Sheep – clothing pattern for the Wacky Sheep contest

Swaggy Sheep are characters designed for the contest of the phenomenal Serbian clothing brand Wacky Sheep. The title of the contest was ”The artist is not a sheep” and with that, the organizers wanted to promote art and raise awareness of the Balkan design scene as well as its importance in the creative industry. And we thank them for that! The contest gathered more than 350 creative people from all around Serbia with their amazing artwork. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of that artistic community.

These Swaggy Sheep love to just hang out. They are so hip and so cool. Ph, posers! They like to work that street style. They only listen to hip hop. Sometimes they throw in some dance, both on the battles and, you know, just for themselves. Swag is their mantra. They are the Swaggy* Sheep.

*Swaggy – adjective – informal – US Definitions from Oxford Languages:

(of a person) Having or displaying a very confident attitude or manner.

(of a person or their clothing) Fashionable or stylish.

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