Stefan Textile

visual identity & packaging redesign

Brand Stefan from Arilje, Serbia, has been producing textile products since 1988. Through many years of dedicated work, they have created a recognizable name in the field of home textiles. Today, they offer around 500 home textile products.

What they needed is a new visual identity and a well-thought-out visual classification system for their many products and product categories. The new identity needed to be modern and clean, to convey to customers a feeling of higher quality, elegance, and comfort. Because Stefan Textile products have many different patterns, the identity needed to be simple and minimal so as not to overload them.


The logotype was pre-designed and the name of the brand is written in Cyrillic since the brand is mainly communicating to the Serbian market. The pattern was created by combining and repeating the letter ‘S’ from the logo. It represents the interweaving of threads in textiles, embroidery, softness, and comfort.

The black-and-white base color palette is combined with cotton tree shades of pastel brown and off-white.

The three most important lines of products are associated with appropriate icons and elegant and refined colors. Dark green was chosen for the bedroom – a calming natural color. A darker cherry color is for the kitchen – the heart of the home. The bathroom has a dark blue shade that is associated with water and freshness. 

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