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The Inspired by You contest was organized by Samsung and Studio 22 from Zagreb, to promote the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone. They wanted for creatives to present a design solution for a unique phone accessory. I designed a modern belt case for the phone, that met all the criteria the jury was looking for in a winner solution: creativity, functionality, excellent presentation of the project, and an accessory that is a real fashion statement. I’m proud to say that the most awarded Serbian graphic designer Slavimir Stojanović Futro, and one of the best Serbian photographers Katarina Batuta Višekruna were on the jury.

While working on the solution I was thinking about people’s habits, how they use the phone, how they carry it, and which challenges there are that can be answered. That accessory should be something practical, and useful. Phones are often targets of pickpocketing, so special attention was paid to the aspect of security.  I was also inspired by the shape of the phone because it can be folded into a more compact case. In the end, I wanted the accessory to follow the aesthetics of the phone and to be fashionable.

An Accessory for the New SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP4 Phone


I should have my phone close at hand. I put it back in the bag and take it out of the bag all the time. There are a lot of things in the bag. It takes me a while to dig it out, especially in big bags. It’s easiest for me to put it in my pocket. But pickpocketers can easily pull it out of the pocket. It happened to a friend just recently. I need a pocket that closes and that cannot be easily opened by another person. And what if I’m wearing a dress for a night out and don’t have a pocket? Or the phone can’t fit in my pocket? I need a portable pocket that is not an integral part of the clothing. A pocket that exists on its own. A case? But I wouldn’t want to keep the phone in my hand all the time. I didn’t achieve anything then. How am I going to dance? I need to keep my phone with me but have my hands free. The pocket must be attached to a belt then. And it would be part of the outfit, as a fashion accessory. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is compact when folded. It would fit right into a small case, which can look like a belt buckle.

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