Ivana Blečić - Creative Educator

visual identity

Ivana Blečić is a Human Resources Director, Business coach, and Published author. She is recognized in many different professional fields and her name is a brand in itself. She needed a visual representation of her personal brand that could captivate her identity and mission – providing support to individuals or teams in growth and development through education, training, motivation, and coaching. For her, this brand represents a reconciliation of opposites – on the one hand, a lot of knowledge, information, and structure, but with a lot of support and belief in people and their capacities as they are. And that is the essence of what the visual identity reflects – business and structure in symbiosis with soulfulness and altruism. Only by developing both a person can grow.


Reconciliation of opposites is represented through the pictogram form – structure and sensitivity, straight and crooked lines. The square represents business, knowledge, information, and structure. A thin branch symbolizes something organic, working on the spiritual-emotional plane. The branch is in the shape of a curve representing growth, development, and success. The main concept is also to be found in the logotype – a script font for the name combined with a sanserif font for the last name, the unity of soft and rigid, freehand, and printed. Gentle, feminine shades combined with darker, more serious shades, represent the coexistence of emotion and logic within one entity.

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