Art Festival Dev9t - theme ”Mirror”

Visual identity solution for the 2018 design contest of the art festival Dev9t, themed ”Mirror” consists of a logo, official poster of the festival, social media posts, three different stickers, and symbols for the nine arts of the festival: painting, sculpture, dancing, literature, architecture, comics, photography, film,  and music. Lj design artwork was selected for the top nine finalists and was exposed in the Street gallery exhibition of the festival.


A mirror can speak volumes. It depends on how good, how long, and how deep we look into it.  We often look for answers there. We look at our full reflection, and then we parse ourselves into pieces so we could unriddle the questions we have. We focus on details, we analyze, approve, disapprove, fix them. Then we put ourselves back into whole. We become one with the mirror. Us and all our parts. We can lose ourselves in it, get twisted, distorted. Maybe, if the mirror doesn’t accept us.  But what is there in a mirror if not our very self? And what can it tell us if not just the reflection of our thoughts? We choose what we see in a mirror. We control that reflection and all its fragments because we control our thoughts. A mirror can help us see the physical form as much as our inner world, it diffracts all our shapes and colors, thoughts and emotions. A mirror can be an inspiration! A mirror should be an inspiration! For ideas and creation, for art.  Maybe we just need to illuminate it so we could know where precisely to look, using a lamp, a candle, or simply fire from some old brick factory chimney.

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